Life is Dangerous
by Noora Lehtovuori

It’s desirable to get bored, sometimes

This exhibition reflects on the essence of boredom in contemporary society. The topic has risen from a need to face the privileged position of the majority in the welfare state in the Nordic countries. Also, a need to ponder the natural longing for a danger and excitement while at the same time people are afraid of getting bored or encountering emptiness. We hold so tight to our smartphones and fill our brains with the information that there doesn’t seem to be room for a quiet moment, though boredom could provide an important platform for creativity and offer a ground for existential questions.

This exhibition was presented in Gothenburg in Sweden last year. In February 2018 Lehtovuori stayed at SIM-art residency in Iceland where most of the exhibition’s art works were created. In her photographs she wanted to cover the models face and, in doing so, emphasize bodily aspects which sometimes seem
to disappear in the digital era. The exhibition includes eight photographs, two ready-made sculptures, one video - and one sound piece. The installation and works vary depending on the space. The works are created with collaboration with different artists: Dooee Jeong (photographs), Tobias M. Draeger (video), Minh Ngoc Nguyen (photographs), Seunghee Park (photographs).

Inspiration for the theme and exhibition:
The artist, Noora Lehtovuori, approaches her themes sometimes through one single word. The word boring/boredom was spinning in her head and gave various thoughts. Also, long discussions with her friends and everyday observations of the environment have fueled the theme.

As a small anecdote, the song of the Finnish/Danish band Liima,
Life is Dangerous, made an impact to Lehtovuori and she found similarities for her theme of boredom. She also used the name in her title.

The exhibition tour in Finland starts in Kouvola. In 2014, Kouvola was voted as the most boring city in Finland in the Helsingin Sanomat’s “boring contest”. It is a great honor to start the tour there. The exhibition is on display at the Kouta Gallery,
9.2 –3.3.2019

Next, it will move to Tampere. Tampere, the center of everything, is Finland's third largest city. The exhibition will be shown there at Gallery Ronga,
8.3–28.3. 2019

Finally, the exhibition will be brought to Lahti, which many remember as a transit city but no one seems to have an image of it. Also, Lahti is the artist’s birthplace and where she has spent most of her life. The exhibition is on display at Gallery Uusi Kipinä,

You are warmly welcome to be bored at the exhibitions in the locations listed above!

Noora Lehtovuori finds inspiration in the mundane of the everyday life. Her ideas take shape by questioning the norms and habits that we seem to naturally adapt. The projects leave room for her own failures and use humour when observing a societal annoyance. Her work and ideas are multilayered. Her media varies from still photography to installation, film, sound & text. 


Approach something
Impulsive act -

Finding a way to be in the world

I find photography boring-
Boring is a new media

Can it be funny but serious?
Life can -

Does it reflect something


Is that a word?


In between something and the unknown

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